Humans are an integral part of our planet

Crucial problems concerning humankind urge the adoption of a different way of thinking and a different value system. The new way of thinking must be centred on humans as an integral part of our planet, whose actions affect all living things.

Change must be revolutionary

Whereas the Declaration of Human Rights represents one of the great advances of the twentieth century, it fails to address Human Duties and Responsibilities as necessary counterparts of these Rights.

Recognition of and respect for human rights demand the acceptance of specific duties, to assure an adequate quality of life for all people and the persistence of a sustainable environment for future generations.

International Council of Human Duties

We consider a binding responsibility for ourselves, not only as human beings, but especially as scientists and educators, to carry out these duties carefully and explicitly to the best of our ability, even if their enactment may run counter to established policies generated by traditional sources of power and influence.

We herewith invite all people concerned with these issues to join us in our efforts, as expressed in the twelve points of the Declaration of Human Duties.

It is our plan to present and discuss these ideas through conferences, workshops and lectures and in particular to support women’s networks and other organizations, active in the spirit of this Declaration. Furthermore, we will seek the participation of the younger generations, which represent our greatest hope for improving the quality of life on earth

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